Grow Food In Just 15 Minutes A Day

Yes you read it right! Just 15 minutes of consistent effort every day will reward you with a productive vegetable garden that will feed your family all year round. We know you’re busy and time is scarce but growing a successful vegetable garden is about working smart, not hard.

Discover how to grow vegetables with minimum effort for maximum return. The Food 4 Wealth Ebook and Video tutorials will save you countless hours of trial and error and get you producing an abundant harvest straight up.

Imagine how generous you will feel when you are forced to give away fresh organic produce to friends, family and neighbors because your vegetable garden is bursting at the seams!

Why Go Organic?

Has it ever crossed your mind that the ‘fresh’ produce you buy isn’t what it used to be?

Studies have shown that compared to 30 years ago, today’s ‘fresh’ produce contains between 50% and 80% less nutrients. That means that you would need to eat at least twice the amount of fruits and vegetables than is currently recommended for optimal health.

The main reasons for such significant degradation in the quality of our food is that the main methods for growing produce focus on plant growth at the expense of soil health and produce is often transported long distances and stored for periods of 6 months or more before it even hits the shelves of your grocery store.

What’s In It For You!

  • Better tasting food
  • Better nutrition from your food
  • Better health
  • Save money! 
  • Convenience
  • An opportunity to contribute to the environment